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Title IX Attorneys in Georgia

We Fight for Your Future

False allegations are real.  False allegations of sexual assault are real.  Whether the media or popular culture wants to admit it, thousands of young men are falsely accused of sexual offenses every year at campuses all over this country.  At Capovilla & Williams we have built our reputation on fighting back against false allegations and the #metoo movement.  We have fought false allegations of sexual assault on college campuses, in federal court, in state court, and in military courts all over the world.  We have successfully litigated hundreds and hundreds of false sexual crimes allegations.  You or your child need heavy hitters who know what it takes to uncover the truth.  This is WHAT WE DO BEST. If you are facing allegations of sexual assault at your school turn to Capovilla & Williams, we are the very best at what we do.

How Our Title IX Lawyers Can Assist You

At Capovilla & Williams, we understand the implications of a Title IX investigation. Both the disciplinary and criminal investigations can wreak havoc on your daily life and lead to serious, life-changing consequences if you are found guilty.

Our Georgia Title IX defense lawyers can help you by:

  • Explaining your school’s misconduct policies
  • Reviewing the allegations you are facing
  • Explaining the possible consequences if you are found guilty
  • Informing you of your rights
  • Preparing a comprehensive defense
  • Coordinating private investigations into the allegations against you
  • Participating in hearings or investigations by the school
  • Explaining possible civil claims that you could face
  • Advocating for you before your school’s Title IX investigator or disciplinary panel
  • Making sure you receive the full due process rights that you are entitled to
  • Preparing an appeal if need be

Our Georgia Title IX attorneys are deeply familiar with today’s social and political climate and the impact they can have on university disciplinary systems and misconduct claims. We will not allow you or your son to become victims to false allegations and will fight to ensure that your son has due process.  We know the laws, regulations, and guidelines that may further affect your case. We fight for your future. Contact us today at 404-496-7674.