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The Making of Capovilla & Williams

Today, Robert Capovilla and Mickey Williams are award-winning trial attorneys who are completely committed to providing the best legal representation to their clients.  But their passion and dedication to service didn’t start when they opened the doors of their Woodstock, Georgia law firm.  It grew out of personal experience and challenges they faced in their own lives.  Below is a little more about each man’s story and their decision to open Capovilla & Williams.

Robert’s passion for helping the injured formed at an early age.  When he was in college, his father was severely injured after being struck by another driver.  The accident jeopardized not only the successful chiropractic business he had built over 30 years, but also limited his father’s ability to do everyday activities often taken for granted.  Robert remembers those challenges, and also the enormous difficulty he had dealing with both the insurance companies and a law firm that failed to deliver on their promise of quality representation.

I’ve never forgotten what it felt like to watch my dad fight to keep his life and business going while enduring great physical pain,” said Robert.   “I made my mind up at that moment that I would fight for injury victims like my father and that I would do so with integrity, grit, and compassion.

Mickey’s passion to serve also came at a young age.  He joined the U.S Army as an Airborne Ranger immediately after high school and excelled throughout basic training, Airborne School, and Ranger School at Fort Benning, GA.  He was assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment where he participated in over 100 combat missions, including the initial invasion of Iraq and rescue of POW Jessica Lynch.

The Ranger Regiment taught me an incredible number of lessons about compassion, patience, and how to finish a fight when the stakes are high,” said Mickey.  “My days in combat have also forced me to deal with a number of injuries and chronic pain, some of the same struggles our clients endure after a serious accident.  Understanding their challenges keeps me motivated to help them get their lives back to as normal as possible.

Our Promise to Clients

Every member of our team understands that Cherokee County families have many choices when it comes to hiring a law firm.  Yet, it’s their experience, training, and dedication that separates them from those other choices.

When you hire the attorneys at our firm, you get years of trial experience, an unwavering dedication to achieving exceptional results, and the opportunity to work with members of our great Cherokee County community,” said Robert.  “That’s a powerful combination of advantages for the local community, and ones we look forward to fostering for many years to come.

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